State Farm Bank

Competitive Rates - FDIC-Insured
1.75% APY 48 - month CD
2.10% APY 60 - month CD
It's a beautiful thing. Let me help you choose an FDIC-insured Certificate of Deposit from State Farm Bank and watch your money grow.
Bank with a good neighbor. CALL ME TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION.
Bob Meenach
STATE FARM AGENT 627 Harrison Street (Bellefonte Rd. & Espy Lane) Flatwoods, KY 41139 BUS:
State Farm Bank
*Up to FDIC insured limits. Annual Percentage Yields as of 01/10/18. Advertised rates are subject to change at the Bank's discretion. The minimum balance required to earn the stated APY is $500 (rates apply to deposits less than $100,000). A penalty may be imposed for withdrawals prior to maturity.

Check availability with the advertiser as the information and offers in this ad may be time-sensitive.

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State Farm Bank

627 Harrison Street

Flatwoods KY, 41139


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