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Tax Rates Levied For School Year 2017-2018 School District Russell Independent #522 Contact Name
Dennis C. Chambers
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To the
Kentucky Board of Education, Frankfort, KY :
In Compliance with Kentucky Revised Statutes and the regulations of the Kentucky Board of Education, we, the board of education of the above named school district, hereby submit for your approval the following tax rates levied on August 29, 2017.
For rates that exceeded compensating and HB 940 tax rates, the notice and hearing requirements of KRS 160.470(7)(b) " lished at least twice for two (2) consecutive weeks, in the newspaper of largest circulation in the county... the public hearing which shall be held not less than seven (7) days nor more than ten (10) days after the day that the second advertisement is published;" have been met.
For rates subject to recall, an additional advertisement was made on within 7 days of the hearing as required by KRS 160.470 (8). Once the forty-five (45) days have passed since the rate was levied, we will send notification of whether a valid petition was present ed. If a valid petition was presented, we will indicate whether we intend to place the issue before the voters for approval.
If advertisement was required, the rates levied do not exceed the proposed rates advertised.
Rate Levied (Please circle type) Compensating Sub(1) 4% House Bill 940 Other Please enter actual rate below with exoneration amount if applicable.
Portion Restricted for Building Fund (KRS 157.440, KRS 160.476) 5.9¢ has been committed to the Building Fund. This includes a minimum of 5.9¢
5.9 ¢ FSPK Nickel 0.0 ¢ Equalized Growth Nickel Date Levied 0.0 ¢ Equalized Facility Funding Nickel Date Levied 0.0 ¢ Original Growth Nickel Date Levied 0.0 ¢ Recallable Nickel Date Levied 0.0 ¢ BRAC Nickel Date Levied 0.0 ¢ Category 5 Nickel Date Levied
(Please note that the portion restricted for the building fund must be at least the rate to produce the 5¢ equivalent as shown on t tax rate certification.)
Motor Vehicle Rate 50.4
Occupational Tax (KRS 160.605) 0.00 % Utility Tax (KRS 160.613) 3.0 % Excise Tax (KRS 160.613) 0.0 % Does your Utility Gross Receipts License Tax apply to cable services? Yes
*Tangible Property (See Instructions) Taxed Exempted
Aircraft - Recreational & Non-Commercial (KRS 132.200(18)) Watercraft - Non-Commercial Out-of-State of Coast Guard Registered (KRS 132.200(19))
Superintendent Signature Date Board Chairperson's Signature Date
Tax Rates Levied approved by the Kentucky Board of Education on October 4, 2017.
The Office of District Support Services will stamp the date on this form when the Kentucky Board of Education approves the tax ates.
Published: October 13, 2017

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